where to buy wireless temperature loggers


To use this system, you will need at least one base station and one sensor.

Do I need model with the backup memory?

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Start with a
Base Station

Every wireless logging system must have at least one Ethernet Base Station.

Each base station can have dozens of sensors connected, as long as they are in range.

If your sensors are situated too far apart, you may need more than one base station, but they can all be connected to the same account and managed from the one place.

Save $10
on a Starter Kit

Need to monitor just one location?

This kit contains a Base Station and a Sensor with Backup Memory.


Choose your Sensors

You will need at least one Sensor.

If you are monitoring a medical fridge, the Sensor with the Backup Memory is essential, and we highly recommend it for all other applications as well.

So, do I need the Sensor with Backup Memory?

What happens when the power goes out?

If the power goes out or the internet connection drops for some other reason your smartphone app can get an alert, but the base station will not be able to save data to the internet.

If you have the standard Wireless Temperature Sensor, no data will be saved while the connection is down.

If you have the Wireless Temperature Sensor with Backup Memory, data will be saved on the sensor itself. When the base station comes back online, the data will be retrieved and saved to the internet. No data will be lost.

So the question you need to ask is, “Do I care what happens when the power goes out?

For vaccine fridges, the answer is yes. You must be able to prove that the vaccines were held in safe temperatures at all time.

For food fridges and freezers, the answer is maybe. You may decide that just being notified is enough.

What happens when a storm knocks out the power