Can I use my own Wi-Fi adaptor?

Wireless Temperature Loggers
When many people hear "wireless temperature logger" they think "Wi-Fi temperature logger". These are NOT Wi-Fi devices.

They use their own communication protocol at a different frequency. This has a number of advantages including a longer range, ability to get inside fridges, and a much longer battery life. There is no way that you could have a Wi-Fi temperature logger that is this size and could last months without recharging or changing the battery.

This does mean, however, that you will need both the logger or sensor, and the base station. You can’t use any other base station or router.

What if I only have Wi-Fi and no ethernet

Some people only have Wi-Fi in their office or kitchen. In this case you can still use this system but you will require another device. A Wi-Fi bridge will convert from Wi-Fi back to ethernet. They typically cost about $60 and can be purchased from most computer stores including JB Hi-Fi.

We realise that this solution does add to the cost and complexity of the system and isn’t the “perfect solution”. It is, however, often the most cost effective solution for many customers.

Contact us if you do need more advice on what you need or if the system is right for you.

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