About Us (and You)

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OnSolution Pty Ltd is an Australian company that specialises in providing solutions that are easy to use and work the way the user does. We’re about helping you save time, save lives, and save your reputation.

We’ve been selling temperature logging software and hardware for more than 20 years, so we know a thing or two about temperature recording solutions. For a few years, we looked into developing a wireless temperature logging solution to allow users to easily upload temperature recordings to the cloud for storage and analysis. Our Clever Logger range of products allows this to easily happen. With our iOS, Android and web app, it is easier than ever for you to start recording temperature and humidity. Whether you work at a restaurant with industrial fridges and freezers, at a hospital with vaccine fridges, or in logistics transporting sensitive goods, our range of Clever Loggers makes it incredibly cheap and easy to monitor temperatures.

At OnSolution, not only do we a desire to bring our customers the best products possible, we also place a strong emphasis on customer support. Don’t know how to setup your temperature logger? No problem, because we do and we’re happy to help you out. Not sure what products are the best for you? We have sold thousands of temperature loggers, and we’re more than happy to talk to you and figure out the best solution for your particular situation. Just get in contact with us. We’ll try our hardest to answer any questions you have.